Environmental Policy

As part of a conservation focused organisation, we’re very conscious of the growing impact of online retail on the environment. Here at Tickly Tapir we’re doing everything we can to reduce our carbon emissions and ensure that we reduce wastage and lessen the burden on our natural world.


Did you know that Heart of England Wildlife Park and Tickly Tapir donated surplus cardboard commercial waste to allotment holders in Warwickshire who were developing an organic ‘no-dig’ veggie plot? Gardening experts believe that the ‘no-dig’ gardening method helps to restore the best possible conditions for beneficial soil microbes and organisms.


Did you know that Tickly Tapir use cardboard boxes and mailing envelopes made from 100% recycled materials? To ensure we reduce our burden on forest habitats, we only purchase outer packaging materials which have been made from recycled waste products.


Did your order arrive in a box without the Tickly Tapir branding? Don’t worry, sometimes we reuse suitable boxes from our suppliers to ensure that we eliminate wastage in our supply chain.


Did you know we work with conservation charities to protect global habitats? A proportion of our annual profits are donated to the Grevy’s Zebra trust who help to protect vital habitats for the world’s most endangered zebra in the wilds of Kenya.


Did you know we’re currently working to eliminate plastic packaging from our packaging? We’re in the process of phasing out single use packaging tape in favour of a paper alternative and we’re hoping to get rid of bubble wrap from the packages of our fragile garden sculptures by 2022!


Did you know that we can help you to enhance biodiversity in your own garden? Shop our full range of wildlife products including bar boxes, frog houses and wildflower seeds!