Living Nature Tiger Cub

Living Nature Tiger Cub

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With his distinctive black-striped reddish furry coat and white underbelly, this adorable Tiger has been designed with realism in mind.

The super-soft body, airbrushed detailing on the paws and realistic features, makes this plush safari toy an incredible gift and lifelong cuddly friend.

Tiger cubs are completely dependent on their mother when they’re born because they’re blind, and don’t open their eyes until they are six to twelve days old. A tigress can have up to seven cubs in a litter. A tiger cub’s favourite game is to play tag, which helps them learn their hunting skills.  

Fast Fact 

Tigers love to swim and bathe in streams and lakes. 


Rain forests, grasslands, savannas and even mangrove swamps. 

Believe it or not…  

Tigers can walk up to 12 miles every night hunting for food.