Living Nature Playing Polar Bear Cub

Living Nature Playing Polar Bear Cub

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A perfect gift for a small child or newborn, this playing Polar Bear cub is simply adorable.

Soft to touch and wonderful to hug, this plush ocean teddy bear will make a lovely addition to a soft toy collection.

Polar Bear cubs are born in dens in the snow. They’re blind for the first month of life, and when they’re two months old they start walking in their den. At around three months old, they’ll venture out with their mother to the sea ice. Here, they’ll learn how to hunt. They won’t get the hang of this until they’re at least one years old. In the meantime, cubs love to play. They playfight and chase each other and it’s vital they do this to learn fighting skills for the future.  

Fast Fact 

When cubs are born, their fur is so thin they look hairless. 



Believe it or not… 

It is quite usual for Polar Bears to have twins. Double trouble!